KBK74 Apartments

Unique contemporary architecture meets stylish living. With a view of the greenery, high-quality equipped, light-flooded residential units are being built here in a top location. In addition, the entire property features state-of-the-art smart-home equipment. The extraordinary character of the new building is created by its over-corner shape with a stunning facade design composed of dark metal panel cladding as well as large window fronts and glazed balconies to form a coherent overall picture.
With approx. 90 m² to approx. 175 m² of living space, the 2- and 3-room apartments offer all the possibilities of a modern living design. The generously cut condominiums impress with precise contours as well as intelligent technology. The windows and French doors are characterized as floor-to-ceiling with triple-glazed pure aluminum windows. The structural embedding of the apartment building between old oak trees and the pointedly tapered floor plans maximizes the possible distance to the adjacent apartments, thus ensuring more privacy.
A wheelchair-accessible apartment is located on the ground floor. All other residential units are being developed barrier-free. Each apartment on the standard floor has a balcony. All three apartments on the first floor offer their own terrace, and the apartments on the first and second floors also have a balcony with a view of the landscape. One eye-catcher is the staggered deck with its wraparound roof terrace. A sports car-friendly underground garage provides additional comfort with 13 parking spaces and storage rooms in the basement. Built to the highest standards and with a strong focus on sustainability, this premium property meets all the requirements of modern and future-oriented living.

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